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In Olden days it was tedious work for people to know what is their seat status or is train available or cancelled. There used to be a chaos regarding the seats availability & other aspects related to this. People had to come hours before to know if there’s an availability in the specific train. But we are growing, technology has changed widely & bought in online services for us. People can now easily check their PNR Status, seat availability, berth availability etc.

Out of the thousand features there is one feature called National train enquiry System. National Train Enquiry System (NTES) has been launched by Center for Rail Information System (CRIS) to check live train running status of any train. It has been built to ease out the passengers so that they can locate themselves from anywhere to everywhere while travelling. This system provides you with the information regarding trains, station code or train code through which you may know the name of the train available. It also has features which shows the arrival & departure time of the train. Everything is covered under this system.


Now everybody would not be able to use this system especially people who don’t understand ecommerce & have difficult time in reading the instructions. One can always change the language & read the instruction in the preferred own language such as Hindi. This System also has 6 dialogs which can be clicked upon as per requirement. The first dialog is if you wish to spot your train. This means you can know where your train is. You can access it with your train number or train name. Beside there’s a journey date dialog you will see on screens where a journey date has to be mentioned as to when you wish to travel or return back. Once you have feed every detail you can now click on the Submit button & it shall proceed. Soon there will be details of your train on screen. The first things appear to be is the Station name. This means on which station train is halt at. It also displays arrival & departure time & the expected time of the train to be on the preferred platform. It also shows you the late minutes train running. Like If the train is 15 – 20 Minutes late it will be displayed on screen as well. It also states the No of Station your train or the desired train will have to reach your station for example to reach from Bandra Terminus (BDTS) to Hazrat Nizamuddin there are nine stops so you can know at which stop you wish to get down & when will it arrive. One can also know the amount of distance/ Km the train covers.

Technology has hence made it easy for the people to know where they are going & where they wish to travel and other such aspects. So now you know where you have to SPOT YOUR TRAIN!

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