Spot your train is an online live train running status as well as pnr status checking portal. It offers quick and easy access to passengers for all the information they need while travelling in train. Spot your train provides a smoother experience to the user with its user friendly and light website and quick response to the query. It is also very mobile friendly website so that no trouble is experienced even if you try to browse the website on your mobile phone.

Spot your train also supports the information of arrival and departure of trains as well as the time by which they are late or early so that you can easily travel knowing the whole route of your train.

Indian Railways Live Train Status

Indian railways live train running running status is a service which provides current location of the train. When the user enters train number, the station on which the train is or has just crossed is displayed. The running status of the train is maintained by keeping a record of all the stations it has crossed and the respective delayed time of arrival and departure. Also, further coming stations are recorded.

National Train Enquiry System

National train enquiry system or popularly also known as NTES is an online destination for various train enquiries like checking live train status, train schedule, train routes, seat availability between two stations, PNR status and many more railway related services. NTES was launched by Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) in August 2014 and since then it has become a huge platform for Indian railway services. It is as easy to browse on desktop as on its mobile app. Users can download NTES app from play store and easily enquire for Indian railways anytime anywhere.

IRCTC PNR Status Check

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record which is a database record in the Indian railways where the passenger details are saved. The details of the passenger are related with a ten digit number which is basically the PNR number. This number can be found at the top of the ticket. Live PNR status helps in knowing the current reservation status of the passenger. It can be waiting, RAC, confirmed or cancelled. To know the IRCTC live PNR status, enter 10 digit given PNR number, and the reservation status with date of journey and train number will be displayed.

IRCTC Train Seat Availability

IRCTC train seat availability helps in knowing the tatkal seat booking availability, current seat availability between two stations as well as for next three months. Indian railways and IRCTC have made this useful service for passengers so that they can conveniently check the status and accordingly plan their travel.

IRCTC Trains Between Two Stations

Indian railways trains between stations service provides information about number of trains and their details between two stations. User enters the source station and destination station and all the train details are listed.

Indian railways Time table and Train Route Enquiry

Indian railway train time table and train route enquiry service provides the schedule of the train i.e. the stations on which it arrives and the respective timing. Train route enquiry is all about the path it covers and the stations through which the train crosses. User enters the initials of the train name or number and all the trains with matching initials are suggested from which the user can choose the preferred train. As the train name or number is entered, the time table and its route are displayed.

Indian Railways Station Name to Code

Indian railway station name to code service gives an easy way to know the station name and its code respectively. User just enters the initials of the station name and the station names with matching word with their codes are displayed. It makes convenient for users to easily know the code and use it again anywhere for other enquiries related to railways.

IRCTC Ticket booking and Seat Reservation

IRCTC ticket booking portal helps in booking easily through desktop as well as mobile application. For ticket booking, first user needs to make an account on IRCTC and verify it through phone number and email. After the account is verified, user needs to sign in and fill the details of journey like source station, destination station, date of journey and other conditions if preferred like any quota, class of journey and other. As soon the details are filled, the number of stations available on the day and their seat available along with fare is displayed. User can choose the preferred train and fill in with passenger details and book ticket. Either the ticket can be downloaded for printout or IRCTC also provides with an easy option to get ticket through SMS on registered mobile number.

IRCTC Ticket Cancallation and Refund

Passengers can also cancel their ticket if unable to board the train and request for refund by filling the TDR form which will be processed only after 24 hours of the arrival of train at the destination. The cancellation of ticket varies from one ticket type to another i.e. various cancellation terms are there for e-ticket, i-ticket or platform ticket. Also refund charges vary time to time of cancellation as well as type of ticket.

Tips For Tatkal Ticket Booking

If the ticket is not confirmed two days before the journey, the last possible way to get a confirmed ticket is tatkal ticket booking. To get the tatkal ticket, user needs to book the ticket one day before the journey either through IRCTC portal or platform. For better chances of getting tatkal ticket, use chrome extension and a good speed of internet or reach the station from where the ticket needs to be booked before tatkal timing which is approximately 10 O’ clock in the morning.